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Modern Web Design

NEXUS IT Web Design service is ready to take your brand’s online image to the next level.


% of consumers trust the information on a business’ website over other sources


% of consumers believe that brands should prioritize web design.

  • Web Users Globally 59% 59%
  • Small Retailers Without A Website 23% 23%
  • Credibility From Website Design 75% 75%


% of marketers use websites in their marketing strategies.

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Web Design
Our Websites

How can a website serve you?


We place our minds in your target audience’s shoes to get a clear understanding of their needs. We design a website that will be easy to navigate and lead potential clients to directly get in touch with you or your sales team.

24/7 Business Tool

Our websites have a 99.99% uptime meaning it can serve your business 24/7.

It's Flexible

Your website can serve useful functions to your business through specialized software.

It's Informational

Customers can find all your business info and contact details in a single space.

It's an Investment

The investments you place towards your website has a direct correlation to its ROI.
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Website analytics allow us to keep track of your website performance. Request a free report to see how much traffic comes through your website, where users are from and which pages they spend the most time on. Based on the acquired data, we are able to improve your website to best fit the needs and wants of your users. Our responsive websites are well optimized for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and mobile devices.

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Our Process

Simplified, clear and transparent.

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Remember, we use the info you provide to learn who your company is, what you do, and what kind of image you wish to portray. The more we have to work with, the better we can depict your business to the online world! If you would like to learn more about our policies and website license agreement, links to the latest revisions can always be found at the bottom of the My Account page.

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What comes next?

Off-page SEO


If your chosen package includes off-page SEO, or you have added an off-page SEO package to your order (highly recommended), we begin with the relevant research and take actions accordingly. Quality SEO takes months to fully take effect, but is long lasting. We’ll keep you informed with status updates and website statistics.

You can always add more SEO later, no matter the package. The bigger the budget allocation is to SEO, the faster the rate at which your website grows online.

Can I use an existing domain for my new website?

Yes, we will send easily comprehensible DNS settings to you via email which you can forward to your current registrar / registrant organization. Once they have updated the DNS settings, it can take up to 48h for the new settings to take effect.

You may also keep using your existing email accounts (recommended in most cases to avoid communication downtime).

Do you charge extra if I don't already have a domain?

As long as it is a .co.za or .com extension, we do NOT charge any additional fee for your primary domain. Each of our website packages includes one fully managed domain. (South African websites get a .co.za domain extension, and international websites get a .com domain extension.)

Should you require more than one domain name, each additional domain will be billed individually based on the name and extension – as with any other registration service.

My website isn't showing high enough on Google?
This is a common concern of website owners globally. If you are involved in an industry that showcases a lot of online competition, we highly suggest investing in a Search Engine Optimization plan.

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Do you give refunds?
Unfortunately not. We immediately acquire and prepare everything your site will need for the upcoming 12 months as soon as payment has been set up.
Do you edit existing websites?

We only edit, maintain and work on sites created by NEXUS IT. We do not work on any externally created sites.

In case of emergency website changes, please have the login details / contact details of a person with access prepared and send us an email for further evaluation. Rates and charges may differ depending on the changes to be made.

Let’s Start

View our web design packages and let’s get started right away!