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Professional Logo design and service from NEXUS IT.

Establish Your Brand

Will you just be seen as another company, or will the world recognize your brand?
NEXUS IT can give your brand an Identity.

  • Something Memorable
  • Something Fitting
  • Something Versatile
  • Something Simple
  • Something Timeless
  • Something Scalable
Web Design Polokwane

We love what we do and client satisfaction is our primary goal. Our work should accurately reflect both your taste and your requirements. We follow clear design instructions, making use of any provided materials. Optionally we can make design suggestions paired with a reasonable goal behind each suggestion.

If you have no idea where to start or what kind of logo you want, don’t worry. We’ve done many designs and can steer the entire project from start to finish if needed.

Next-Day Design Service

For maximum customer satisfaction we do our best to prioritize every incoming project. Our next day design service is there to minimize any forms of delay. We get started right away and before the end of the next business day you should have the finalized design in your inbox, ready for use.

We create new logos from scratch, edit existing high quality logo files and even recreate logos from a photograph.

New Logos

Logo Editing

Logo Digitization

Live Design

A new service where we do a live call with you and follow your direct instructions throughout the design. We enable screen sharing so you can see every change we make. You can use the whiteboard functionality for easy visual instruction input, directly send files to us and more.

Using this method you have complete control over the design outcome and it’s usually much faster than the next day design service.

Logo Portfolio

Logo Design

Getting a new or revamped logo can be very exciting – you have a blank canvas to work with!
With us you know you’re choosing someone who can turn your imagination into pixels.

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The excitement of bringing your brand to life!