Beautiful designs that capture the essence of your brand

Importance of Colors

Did you know the different colors of a logo can affect your appetite, emotions and your whole perspective of what a company stands for? Design and Marketing isn't all about bright colors, many times it is the smallest noticable aspects that make the biggest differences.

You may think of digital design as only a few images, but it has a direct influence on how people see, relate and interact with your brand.

Attention to Detail

NEXUS IT pays a lot of attention to the quality of our designs. Nothing from our digital designs seem out of place.


Easy Process

  1. Send us your instructions.
  2. We'll send a draft quality watermarked version of the design for approval.
  3. Once approved, we send our invoice with banking details for payment.
  4. When payment has cleared, we finalize the project, add finishing touches and send the full quality, non-watermarked version(s) back to you via e-mail.


Unfortunately, due to concerns that someone could possibly copy the designs and attempt to impersonate one of our clients, we will not be adding Email Signatures & Business card designs to the digital designs portfolio, and keep the viewable quality at a minimum.

Please Note that should you wish to take a look at more of our work, including signatures & business card designs, please feel free to send a request from a verifiable business email and we will gladly assist you.