about our monthly seo plans

Monthly Subscription

A fully managed monthly subscription to get a strategically designed off-page SEO package each month, for 12 months.

These monthly options are cheaper than once-off packages and give much better value!

Easy Process

  1. Enter your details (choose package, enter your website link, contact details etc.)
  2. We'll contact you regarding your expectations to make sure the chosen package is ready to reach your goals.
  3. We send the invoice with banking details.
  4. Once payment clears, we immediately start thoroughly researching your online competitors, get accurately simulated results based on your website content.
  5. After research completion, we strategically get to work on your website's SEO.

*Please note that these monthly packages will start showing results within 30 days and will continuously improve your website until the 12 months are over. Afterwards you will be given the option to renew for another 12 months.

Fully Managed & Dynamic

Each month we take a look at your statistics and progress to dynamically plan the best way to move forward.

IF your website was not designed by NEXUS IT, and prefer to not give us access to your site statistics, we will not be able to fully manage your SEO strategy. In such a case you can either choose and send us the search terms for your website to improve, or we can follow our "blind" guidelines to still get spectacular results.

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